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BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) is a non-profit organization that hosts seminars and panel discussions, supports emerging filmmakers, provides insights into new technologies, and encourages the study of the arts. They bring films and filmmakers to inner-city groups, provide scholarships for student British film and television talent in the US, promote and develop the art forms of the moving image – film, television and video games – by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners and benefiting the public.

BAFTA LA was established in California in 1987 and serves as a bridge between Hollywood and British production communities. It is made up of members from all areas of the industry including directors, actors, producers, lighting technicians, for both TV and film, as well as game developers. They provide members with a wide variety of activities including an extensive screenings program which presents an eclectic selection of over one hundred films per year, Q&A sessions with the leading filmmakers, technical demonstrations, mentoring programs, and networking and educational opportunities. Major Hollywood events include the Britannia Awards, the Awards Season Tea Party, the Television Tea Party, The Annual Garden Party, and Student Film Awards.

BAFTA LA also has a  Heritage Archive program which produces and preserves in-depth interviews with film and television professionals who have had a substantial career in the British film and television industry. These recorded living histories preserve the legacy of our most admired and celebrated colleagues for scholars, historians and future generations of filmmakers.

The Games committee’s goal at BAFTA LA is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the Games industry amongst the wider BAFTA Membership, to represent the Games sector of the BAFTA Membership by securing eligible content for BAFTA Los Angeles program, including guest speakers for the Learning & Event program, eligible titles for the event program, and subjects for the Heritage Archive interview series

As a board member of BAFTA LA and chair holder of the Games division, James Knight’s role is to bring in sponsorship, shape the organization, discuss and vote on policy and events for the members, and liaise with industry professionals and studios.

For more information, visit the  James Knight BAFTA LA website

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